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Penelope’s Train Ride: A Short Erotica Story Out Now!

New from Quirty Publishing is the gangbang erotica Penelope’s Train Ride, now available on and Amazon UK!

Penelope has a huge crush on the lovable Liam from work. On the crowded train ride home, things get steamy. But Liam isn’t the only one with his eyes on Penelope; surrounded by curious commuters, will she be able to resist their advances, or will she give in to her desires?

Free sample below!

Penelope's Train Ride

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Despite the late hour, the train was packed. It was rush hour, and many late commuters, mostly smart-looking men in business suits, were taking the last train home after burning the midnight oil. Penelope sighed, gripping the handrail and standing over a middle-aged man in a black suit who was using his phone. He had thick, neat hair and strong shoulders, his eyebrows curved into a slight frown as he typed on his phone with one hand, the other folded. Penelope wondered how he could still look so fresh and handsome after a long day at the office.

The train was so full of people that Liam was pressed into Penelope from behind. She inhaled sharply as his body nudged into her back. A man on her left was close, too, the spicy scent of cinnamon on his suit jacket. Penelope cleared her throat, aware of the close proximity of the men around her. She concentrated on the man using his phone, taking in the sight of his smooth skin and dark, concentrating eyes. What does he do? she wondered. Is he married? What’s he like in bed?

The train started moving, and Penelope swallowed. Crowds didn’t make her scared or uncomfortable; on the contrary, there was something about the male bodies surrounding that made her feel excited. Liam moved, and his head was suddenly beside hers, almost resting his chin on her shoulder.

His soft cheek touched hers, and warm emotion flooded through her. There was something painfully intoxicating about his presence, his warmth, and him pressing against her body. Her butt was against his front, and his hand rested on her hip. Penelope clung to the handrail, erotic nervousness pounding inside her. If she shifted, even a little, she’d feel his crotch against her ass. READ MORE

*NOTE: this story includes:

  • Gangbang
  • Anal
  • Double penetration
  • Blowjob
  • Public sex

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