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Trapped in an Elevator: A Short Erotica Story Out Now!

New from Quirty Publishing is the taboo erotica Trapped in an Elevator, now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK!

John is disappointed that his crush, Amelia, hasn’t come to the Christmas party. Upon deciding to leave early, he finds Amelia inside the elevator, where she warns him, too late, not to let the doors close. She confesses that the elevator stopped on her way to the party, and it looks like it’s happened again. With Amelia’s tight-fitting red dress and the realization that they will be stuck together for a while, things soon heat up…

Free sample below!

John was bored.

The business Christmas parties never took his fancy; there was too much finger food with names that John didn’t know how to pronounce, and too many men in suits giving their loudest, fakest laugh at his boss’s increasingly horrible jokes.

He hadn’t come to eat fancy food and guffaw with his red-faced superiors, however. One sweeping look in the rented office space told him that Amelia was not here. She was the one thing that brought him here. Amelia, with her chestnut-colored hair, the dimple when she smiled, and the best ass John had ever seen. Although he knew he never had a chance with Amelia – she was a department above him, and several years older – he had hoped that the allure of the party, maybe a few glasses of champagne, would change his mind.

Obviously not, he sighed internally.

Annoyed at the total waste of time, John pulled his tie a little looser and tried to think of an excuse to leave early. He didn’t need one, though – his boss was chuckling with some clients and didn’t seem to notice him edging towards the door. John downed the last quarter of his lager and slipped out.

The hallway, so simple and clean compared to the festive mess of the meeting room-turned-party hall, swayed a little as John made his way to the elevator. He would just have to get a cab home and spend the evening jerking himself off to Facebook pictures of Amelia instead. She was a gorgeous curvy thing with an air of confidence that was hard to find among women in their early twenties. He’d been looking forward to seeing her in a party dress, maybe black with a slit, or the plum-colored one she had worn two Christmases ago… READ MORE

*NOTE: this story includes:

  • Light femdom
  • Doggy style
  • Blowjob

We hope you love the story! Check out more of our ebooks on Kindle.

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