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5 Everyday Household Items That Can Be Used for Sex Games

Ever wanted to experiment with new things to add some color to your sex life or reawaken the passion in a long-term relationship? There are a few ways to do this, such as with dildos and vibrators, trying costumes and outfits, trying hot roleplays, wearing sexy underwear, or even reading erotic fiction together.

But did you know there are plenty of items around your house that can be used as well? This is especially handy if you feel embarrassed or shy about having obvious sex toys in your home. Here are some everyday items that can be used in the bedroom.

1. Clothes Pegs

Love having your nipples pinched? Clothes pegs used for laundry can be used for naughty, sensual, and pleasurable experiences with just a hint of pain. No need to stop at the nipples, either…

2. Belts

You don’t have to be a sexual goddess to know that there’s something exciting about seeing your partner take off their belt. Spanking doesn’t have to be done with an expensive whip.

3. Ties

Who doesn’t love some light restraints? Soft yet strong ties are perfect for binding wrists and ankles; they’re gentler than rope, and the next time he wears a tie to the office, he’ll remember you.

4. Scarves

A good, thick scarf is perfect if you want to try blindfolding without having to go to the trouble of ordering a special one online. When blindfolded, all your other senses are heightened, opening a door of sexual possibilities. Give it a try.

5. Ice Cubes

Fill an ice cube tray right now and use them tonight! Ice cubes are extremely sensual in foreplay – melt them over your partner’s body, rub them over their nipples, or put it in your mouth and then perform oral sex. Ice cubes are an inexpensive and easy way to add a naughty edge to sex.

Which of these items are you going to use first? Have you used them before? Using every day items like these means you don’t have to hide items in the sock drawer! Start spicing up your life today with these great ideas!

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