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7 Hot and Naughty Gift Ideas for Him

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, his birthday, or you’re just in the mood to give him a naughty treat, there are many exciting gifts that you can give to your partner to spice things up in your relationship and introduce you both to new games, leading to thrilling new pathways and better sex! If you’re in the need of some sexy ideas to give to him for a special occasion, look no further than this list. Here are 7 great ideas for Him to spice things up in the bedroom!

1. Lube

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There is plenty of fun to be had with a little lubrication! It makes penetration easier and can be used for massages.

With safe-to-use lubrication, you can make a handjob a hundred times better. Lather this on him and give him some mind-blowing foreplay.

Lube also makes penetration easier and is important if you’re going to try anal sex. No bedroom should be without a bottle of lube!

2. Male Enhancement Ring

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If your man is worried about ejaculating too quickly or do you want to try some naughty femdom play? This cock ring is perfect for enhancing your guy’s erection and the sexy belt adds a little BDSM!

3.  Stretchable Pleasure Cock Ring

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This naughty and discreet toy can be used as a cock ring as well as a G-spot or clitoris teaser for women. It also vibrates, which both delays and strengthens a guy’s orgasm. He will absolutely love it!

4. A Fleshlight

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He’ll get lonely if you’re not around, so why not buy him this beautiful fleshlight for while you are away? These sophisticated toys have been the favorite of men around the globe for several years now, so if you would really like to treat your man, take a look at this realistic and charming toy.

If you’re feeling extra bold, there is also a fiendishly realistic looking pussy and ass doll.

5. Four Holes in One

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This insane sex doll has not one, not two, but four holes for your man to love and play with! This toy depicts two women on top of each other, promising endless fun! Click the link to see the full image.

6. Balls and Butt Stimulator

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This one is for when you both want to get really freaky! This charming toy gets control of his balls and dick and adds a sexy vibrating butt plug for the ultimate pleasure! Best of all, he can use this whether you are around or not! Really make his Christmas special with this hot gift.

7. A Sexy eBook

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Erotica isn’t just for women! If he’s an avid reader and we have a fetish he likes, order one of our $1.99 erotica ebooks to turn him on!

These 7 great gift ideas are all you need to give your man what he deserves! Order some now and give him a sexy surprise!

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