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Sleeping Stepmom: A Short Erotica Story Out Now!

New from Quirty Publishing is the taboo erotica Sleeping Stepmom, now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK!

Jack couldn’t believe his eyes when he first met his father’s new girlfriend, Emma, and her beauty is torturous when they get married and she moves in. When his father is away on business, Jack catches sight of Emma in her room, sleeping, and can’t resist watching her. But before he can leave, she opens her eyes and catches him. And she likes it. Will Jack be able to resist his stepmother’s naughty demands, or will desire overpower him?

Free sample below!

Sleeping Stemom

When Jack’s father first brought Emma home, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He thought it must be a joke or, if she hadn’t been so elegantly dressed, paid to be there with him.

Emma was a beauty. Jack was first struck by her big smile and the single dimple deepening in her cheek. Her figure was highlighted by the skirt that hugged her waist, and when she first shook his hand, the softness of her skin was like electricity on his fingers.

“Jack. It’s so nice to meet you.” Emma smiled.
“L-Likewise,” Jack cleared his throat, willing his cheeks to stop burning.
“Your father’s told me all about you. He said you’re studying mathematics?”

She always asked questions like that. She made him feel interesting, feel special. In the following months Emma and his father dated, Jack felt himself falling further and further in love with her. Sometimes she’d stay for hours at their house, even when Jack’s dad was away for business trips. Although it was good to see his dad so happy again, Jack hoped and prayed for them to break up, if only it made him feel less bad about thinking of her every night while he masturbated. READ MORE

*NOTE: this story includes:

  • Taboo sex
  • Incest
  • Fingering
  • Male masturbation
  • [Very light] female domination
  • Cunnilingus
  • Cum inside

We hope you love the story! Check out more of our ebooks on Kindle.

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