10 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than to pick up some slutty outfits to drive your partner, your friends – fuck it, EVERYONE – crazy? Here are 10 sexy Halloween costume ideas for private play and public teasing.

1. Nurse


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It’s every man’s (and probably women’s) dream to be taken advantage of by a gorgeous girl in a position of authority. The nurse is a kind, caring woman… who wants you. Drive them absolutely crazy with this great find.

2. Vampire


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Vampires are undeniably sexy. Dress as a dark goddess of the night and “attack” him with your fangs. He will be begging for you in no time.

3. Office Girl/Teacher


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Does he love authority? Spanking? Female domination? Good girl gone bad? This raunchy costume can be a secretary, teacher, or librarian. Wow your friends with this incredibly sexy look.

4. An Anime/Video Game Character


Got a character that’s trending right now? Would you love to drive people crazy by copying her look? Take a look at these amazing Halloween costumes that gamers and anime fans will adore.

5. Policewoman


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There’s something hot about a woman in charge with handcuffs. Drive your man and all his friends crazy with this stunning sexy policewoman costume. Don’t forget to grab these affordable handcuffs while you’re at it.

6. Animal


Sometimes all it takes is a simple pair of ears to get someone’s attention. Check out these cute animal accessories for a charming and sexy costume.

7. Marvel/Comic Book Character

black widow

Do you friends love Marvel? Want to dress up as one of the gorgeous female characters you see in the comics and movies? Here are some great Marvel and comic book character costumes.

8. Maid


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If you prefer playing the cute and submissive character, a sweet maid costume is perfect for you! Play the part of a cute and eager maid and tease your friends with your feather duster!

9. Naughty Disney Princess


Come on, no one can argue that some of those girls in Disney are pretty hot! Give everyone an unforgettable Halloween with these sexy Disney girl costumes.

10. Sexy Pirate


Order it here

A sexy pirate is always a fun costume to try. Check out this great find!

Hopefully, with these ten great ideas, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to your next Halloween costume or even if you’re just looking for something naughty to wear in bed! Bring your desires to life and be the star of the show with these ten gorgeous designs!


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