A Night at the Hottest Strip Club in Tokyo

Aah, Japan. The country is well-known for its amazing pornography, questionable fetishes, and the legendary vending machines serving used women’s panties. A visit to this exciting city will tell you that on the surface it’s all about sightseeing spots, business buildings, dining, and shopping, but after dark, it’s something of a paradise for the horny.


You may have heard of Shinjuku district’s Kabukicho, the legal yet somewhat dangerous red light district featuring hostess clubs, “pink salons” that specialize in oral sex, and full-on prostitution. The lonely can enjoy a girl or boy for the night for a fee, but the downsides of this district include the fact that it’s crawling with Japanese mafia members, the Yakuza, and it’s very easy to get ripped off or even robbed.

Kabukicho isn’t actually the only place where you can see naked ladies. Read more to find all about the strip club Dotonbori Gekijo.

Dotonbori Gekijo

Less than a ten-minute walk from Shibuya Station is a not-so-subtle entrance to a strip theater named Dotonbori Gekijo. You can get there easily by following the road directly across from the Scramble Crossing and walking with Shibuya 109 on your left. You’ll come to a road that leads off to the right, and it’s on the right.

What makes this club great is that it is just a flat fee to enter and then you can stay as long as you want. It costs 5000 yen for men and 3000 yen for women, and one show can be between three and five strippers, meaning that it’s 1000 yen for each performance.

Inside, you’ll sit in the room where you’ll see each unique performance, all of which end with the performer being completely naked. Some strippers have their own style, such as tying a bondage-esque rope around their bodies or even letting customers touch their breasts.

Afterwards, you can meet the strippers and have your photo taken with them, for an extra fee of either 500 or 1000 yen, depending on the dancer.


Financially, a trip to this club is much more affordable than going to Kabukicho. However, you can only watch and meet the strippers – they are not hookers or prostitutes.

This is a really fun night out; you can even go in the daytime as the first performance starts at 11:00am. Here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Don’t take in your own drinks. Beer and Chu-hi is available in the on-site vending machines.
  • It’s not advised to visit if you are drunk. You could be unintentionally loud or otherwise cause a disturbance to the dancers and the audience.
  • Absolutely no taking pictures or videos. It’s best to keep your phone stored away just in case.
  • No touching the dancers without their permission.

Give Dotonbori Gekijo a try next time you’re in Tokyo. You could end up with a very special photograph souvenir and some great memories of the lovely ladies who work there.

Dotonbori Gekijo website

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