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Tony’s Perfect Girl: A Short Erotica Story Out Now!

New from Quirty Publishing is the fantasy erotica Tony’s Perfect Girl, now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK!

No one believed Tony when he said he was going to create the perfect woman. After many failed experiments, he invents a gun that he hopes will change his sex life forever. When his gun accidentally hits his affectionate and loving pet cat, Lucy, turning her into a human, he realises that it might have been the best accident of his life.

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No one believed Tony when he said he was going to make the perfect woman.

As something of an introvert, his neighbors would either give a friendly nod from a distance or ignore him completely. They didn’t mind the bangs and clanging erupting from his basement as long as the smell of burning tire wasn’t too strong. Tony aimed to make an entirely perfect woman from scratch; however, no amount of plastic, rubber, elastic, or other matter of materials seemed to work. As many marvelous inventions, Tony’s impossible gun was invented completely by accident.

He woke up that morning on a seemingly normal Saturday. He stretched and yawned, and right on schedule, his tabby cat, Lucy, bounded into the room and leaped onto his bed. Lucy was a beautiful little thing; she had adored Tony ever since he’d picked her up at the animal shelter almost a year ago. Every morning was like a routine for her; as soon as Tony sat up, in she would run and jump onto the sheets for a cuddle.

Tony scratched the back of Lucy’s ears, smiling as his cat purred with delight. Her small, pink nose gently nudged his bare chest, tickling his skin with her whiskers. They lay happily like that for a moment until he got up to make breakfast. He didn’t realise, of course, that today would be the day he would accidentally invent his impossible gun. READ MORE

*NOTE: this story includes:

  • Cute teen
  • Obedience
  • Cunnilingus
  • Fetish
  • Cowgirl
  • Missionary
  • Cum inside

We hope you love the story! Check out more of our ebooks on Kindle.

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