7 Amazing Dildos and Vibrators for Masturbation and Couples Fun

Sex toys are some of those things nobody seems to talk about but almost everybody has tried. There are many brands, styles, and shapes of toys out there that it’s delightfully fun to try them out to find your favorite type.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 awesome dildos and vibrators for their price, ease of use, appearance, and reviews on Amazon. Try something new and spice things up in the bedroom whether you’re playing as a couple or solo!

1. Wowyes G-Spot and Clitoris Stimulation Massager


Order it here

This hot pink massager has something for your g-spot, clitoris, and even a cut vibrating handle meaning it’s possible to use it with two people at once.

With easy-to-use function and an attractive appearance, the Wowyes is a great choice for those experimenting with toys.


2. Bigbanana 8-Inch Realistic Silicone Dildo

bigbananaOrder it here

This bad boy is eight inches long and even has a neat suction feature so you can stick it on the floor, wall, window… wherever you like! This pretty realistic dildo is also available in brown and black.

We love this guy because he’s so unapologetically… dick-like. We’re getting excited just looking at this thing. With its realistic shape and look, the Bigbanana is sure to satisfy.


3. Pheiho Personal Wireless Vibrator

3Order it here

This stylish vibrator is almost the exact opposite of #2, but that’s what makes it so special. It cries chic and sophisticated, and is small enough for you to carry around in your handbag. How exciting!

With 20 different pulsating patterns and 8 speeds, USB rechargable, and “quiet” and “powerful” modes, is it any wonder that this little darling is a bestseller on Amazon?



4. Svakom Wand Massager with Heating Vibrating Power

4Order it here

The Svakom comes as a pleasure wand and a body massager in one! This wonderful device has two parts: one vibrator for your clitoris, and an extra part for g-spot stimulation. This elegant design is available in purple and hot pink.

There are also heating options and several levels of vibration power to choose from. We love this for its alluring design and multiple pleasure options.



5. Svakom Barbara G-Spot Stimulation Rabbit Vibrator

5Order it here

Also from Svakom is the classic rabbit that stimulates your clitoris and g-spot simultaneously. If you’d prefer just a vibrator, then the head is suitable for clitoral or g-spot stimulation.

The Svakom Barbara is available in hot pink and pale pink.

We love this because of its classic and easy-to-use design.

6. Pipedream Icicles No 63

icicleOrder it here

All we can say about this one is wow! The Pipedream Icicles No 63 works as an erotic house decoration or a dildo. This work of art has ridges for extra stimulation and reportedly is very popular for double penetration play for couples.

We love this for its sheer beauty and size. For those who are up for a challenge!



7. Nasstoys Flexible G-Spot Anal Double Penetration

41aPoWaQWsLOrder it here

If you’re a woman who loves double penetration and wants to be able to do that easily by yourself, this flexible bendable item is for you. The battery-powered machine stimulates your g-spot and your anus at the same time, promising a great time for DP lovers.

We love this for its simplicity and its ingenuity. This double-fun dildo promises hours of fun!


7. Exxtreme Double Dong

3158sBq1j1LOrder it here

This 17-inch beauty is perfect for lesbian couples. We love this design because of its length and simplicity.

Get it for your girlfriend for sexy, satisfying g-spot stimulation for both of you at the same time.

This deal also comes with a free box of Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condoms.

With these 7 sexy dildos, toys, and vibrators, you can really spice things up in the bedroom with multiple stimulation whether you’re playing alone or as a couple. Life is about having fun and experimenting, so do something daring and try out one of these adult toys today!

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