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9 Crazy Places Where People Have Had Sex

Sometimes it’s difficult to wait until you’re in a private place before taking the person who’s turning you on. You may be out in public and just need to do the dirty before you go crazy. Sometimes there are more than two people involved. We asked the following question:

“Where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?”

We got a string of pretty amusing replies, and we’d love to share the best of them with you. Here are some of the best replies we got.

1. Camping


“My boyfriend and I went on a five-day camping trip with our frat. A fun thing happened: the whole camp got infested with caterpillars. It was an epidemic. As camping goes, we were bored a lot and ended up having a lot of sex in our tent. Looking up from the inside, there were probably hundreds of caterpillars visible crawling on top of the mesh under the rain shield. The image of seeing that while being rammed still haunts me.”

2. Adventurous


“Next to the crater of a volcano.”

3. Balance


“In a canoe. I don’t recommended it, to be honest…. almost capsized!”

4. Teens will be Teens


“When we were sixteen, my boyfriend and I would go to a cathedral where there was a small flight of steps that led down to a gate that was always locked. We’d go there and I’d suck him off at least once a week. Sometimes people would walk past but because of the angle, they couldn’t see us. Looking back, it’s kind of bad, but at the time it was exciting.”

5. Hiking


“On top of a picnic table on a mountain. There was snow on the ground so there was nobody around… I hope.”

6. Night Travel


“Back of the night bus in Laos (almost full of people).”

7. Forgive Me, Father


“In my girlfriend’s church after the youth group let out, we’d sneak in the open door in the back and we’d lose our damn minds on the couch where the youth pastor sat.”

8. Sex, Sex, Sex on the Beach!


“A beach, and in the middle of the act I noticed a guy wanking to the view of my bouncing, hairy, bare ass.”

9. Friendly Neighbors


“My wife and the couple who live down the street have been friends for about five years. All of our kids are close in age and we have dinner at each other’s houses fairly regularly. We were at their house all afternoon and into the evening. Multiple bottles of wine. And then I hear my wife tell her wife that I am supposed to tell her about our experience with a single male after a day at a nude park. So I describe our threesome experience and then we learn that they play with couples as well.

The kids all went to sleep and then the swimsuits started coming off and fun was had by all. Can’t wait to make it happen again!”

People may pretend to be prude, but there are hundreds, perhaps thousands out there who have done the dirty in public, in groups, in front of others, and in the least sexiest places imaginable simply because they can. More power to them!

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