10 Crazy Fetishes You Won’t Believe Exist

People have turned what is simply a reproductive process to some species into an explorable and fun passtime. All creatures do it, of course, but humans are one of the few species that does it for pleasure as well as to make babies. Whether it’s pornography, experimenting with new positions or reading erotic books, we are constantly coming up with new ways to celebrate and practice sex and masturbation.

Lots of people like boobs and butts, strong shoulders and toned bodies, cunnilingus and blowjobs. But what of more unusual fetishes? You may have heard of people who like panties, feet, and people dressing as animals, but did you know that even weirder fetishes exist? And these are the ones people will just admit to. Here are 10 crazy fetishes you won’t believe actually have enough of a following to count as a “fetish”.

*Please note this list won’t include anything that is illegal
**Please also note: some of the content in this article might be unpleasant to read

1. Blood

There are some people out there who enjoy cutting and even sucking on wounds or the idea of the person they’re having sex with to be bleeding. Blood and bleeding turns them on. While some people might avoid a woman while she’s having her time of the month, blood lovers relish in it.

2. Amputees

Another fetish includes the love of having sex with or seeing erotic pictures of people missing arms and legs. Maybe it’s the illusion of them being tied up with no rope or handcuffs involved?

3. Getting her pregnant

The whole point of sex is to reproduce, sure – but there are some people who adore the idea of having sex to make a baby. They detest contraception and want to make sure they ejaculate inside to fertilise the woman. Can this really be considered a fetish, though, or are THEY the normal ones?

4. Horse manure

Yes, it is real. There are people out there who, for some insane reason, get turned on at the sight and smell of horse manure. Maybe it’s to do with the horses themselves and their giant testicles.

5. Obesity

Some love to have sex with people who aren’t only chubby, but obese. This strange fetish includes overfeeding until their partner is unable to walk. Not sure how they enjoy fighting through rolls of flab to get to the good bits, but there you go. Some twisted method of control, perhaps?

6. Buildings

Yes… there are people out there who can get turned on by buildings or, less specifically, inanimate objects. Check out the bizarre Telegraph article about a woman who married the Berlin Wall.

7. Pee and Poo

There are couples out there who deficate and pee on each other for sexual arousal. We’re not here to judge, but that is nasty.

8. Insects

When some people might have a great fear of worms, bees, spiders, or ants, other people love them and get off with bugs crawling all over their skin or even biting them.

9. Disproportionately sized people

Ever heard of “snu-snu”? There are people out there who enjoy having sex with people who are incredibly tall, or incredibly small, such as dwarfs.

10. Cartoons and Anime

Image source: Pinterest

Cartoons are not only for children! People find fascination in 2D characters and therefore dress like them, collect merchandise, and even adhere to the “rule 34” of the internet: whatever it is, there’s porn of it. People who love cartoon pornography, called Hentai if it’s Japanese anime pornography, sometimes ask that their real-life partners dress as certain characters and pretend to be them.

These 10 fetishes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we crazy humans like to get exciting in the bedroom. Do you know of any more odd fetishes?

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