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3 Sure Signs That She Faked Her Orgasm

Although sex is not always a means to an end, finishing with both people having a good old orgasm is the ideal scenario. Orgasms release tension, relax the body, and… well, it feels good. However, sometimes it can be hard to tell whether the woman you’re with really enjoyed the sex at all. Is she really basking in the afterglow of a mind-blowing O, or is she faking it? Asking would be embarassing, perhaps even in insulting, to ask outright.

Why do some women fake orgasms? There can be several reasons why women so famously “fake it”. They might be tired and not really in the mood, and want it to finish quickly; after all, some women find it harder to get there than others. She might feel it’s going to take a while to finish and doesn’t want to keep you waiting and working for it. Other times, they just simply can’t be bothered.

We all want her to have a good time, though, and not have to hide her true feelings. Here are some signs that your lady might be faking her orgasm.

1. Afterwards, she immediately grabs her phone

Or her iPad, or the TV remote, or… you get the idea. After an orgasm, a woman’s body relaxes and what most people want to do is just lie and smile in the glow of the post-climax. If, after the initial noises and movements, reaches for her nearest device and starts scrolling, it might be a sure sign that she just wanted to get things over with.

2. She starts talking about something non-sexual

“That was nice, dear. Have you taken the trash out yet?” If sex is the last thing on her mind ten seconds after her “orgasm”, then it was probably the last thing on her mind during the “orgasm”. Turning the subject to trivial, non-sexual things right after playing with you is something you don’t want to hear, because it means that was probably on her mind the entire time you were doing the business.

3. She seems in a hurry to finish up

If things just feel rushed in general, then they probably are. Shooting you impatient looks, glancing around, facial expressions and more can give you clues that she’s in a hurry. Unfortunately, women have been known to, instead of settling into the mood and putting in the effort to orgasm, they do what they think is a favor to you and give a fake one instead.

If you catch your woman doing any of those things, approach the situation carefully. Ask if there’s anything new you’d like to try, such as more foreplay or roleplaying, for example. No one should have to fake pleasure, so if you catch your woman doing it, be sure to find the root of the problem and find out whether it’s a common occurance or a one-off.

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