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Home Invasion: A Short Erotica Story Out Now!

Quirty Publishing has released HOME INVASION, a short erotica story, on Amazon US and Amazon UK!

Alison loves her boyfriend, Colin, with all her heart, but she has one secret fetish she can’t deny, and that is to be pinned down and taken by several guys at once. So how will she react when several intruders break into her home while she is in the shower? Will she fight off the intruders, or give in to her deepest primal desire?

Read the first paragraph for free below!

Alison loved Colin with all her heart, and there was nothing that would take that away. She loved how his dimples deepened when he smiled and the way he got excited if he saw someone walking a cute dog when they were out in town.

He was amazing in the bedroom, too. Colin never failed to give Alison some seriously great orgasms and she often found herself shopping for sexy lingerie and thinking up creative ways to turn him on. They had experimented with fetishes; some worked, some didn’t, but she loved how Colin was always in the mood to try something new to spice things up in the bedroom. Alison was happy with her two-year relationship with Colin, but there was one fetish she was a little disappointed she would never be able to try.

Her favorite type of porn was at least two guys having sex with one girl. The videos that usually got her off involved some kind of rough play where the woman would be a prisoner in jail or a worker in an office, when the male characters would pin her down and take her three or four at a time.

When Colin had a long shift at the hospital or was out for the evening with the guys, these rough gangbang videos would be the ones that helped her satisfy herself before sleeping at night. Alison had never had so much as a threesome in real life, though, and regretted it a little. Fantasy would have to do, for now.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t help thinking about how it could be if she was roughly taken by several men at once. Dicks everywhere, fucking all her holes, making her a slave to their pleasure. She got hot just thinking about it. READ MORE

*NOTE* this story includes:

  • Group/gangbang
  • Anal
  • Spitroast
  • Double penetration
  • Rough
  • Spanking

We hope you love the story! Check out more of our ebooks on Kindle.

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