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Her First Massage: A Short Erotica Story Out Now!

Quirty Publishing has released HER FIRST MASSAGE, a short erotica story, on Amazon US and Amazon UK!

Japanese massage therapist, Natsu, doesn’t like coffee much, but she visits Nava Cafe daily just to get a glimpse of her crush, Yuina, and fantasises about her every waking moment. When Yuina shows up to her massage parlor for a full-body massage, Natsu has no idea how she will control herself. Will she be able to resist her desires and be professional, or will the sight of Yuina’s oiled, naked body be impossible to resist?

Read the first paragraph for free below!

Her First Massage

I don’t even like coffee that much, but I would drink a gallon of the stuff just to see her face.

The air conditioning hit me like a refreshing wall after the heat outside as I walked into the café. I approached the light smell of coffee, passing the customers sipping lattes and tapping quietly on their keyboards, before reaching the counter where I frowned up at the menu as if in deep thought, even though I always order the same thing.

There she was. The reason I drink overpriced beverages and watch the same people catching up on university assignments or novels in progress. Yuina. I only knew her name because I’d stolen a look at her name badge.

Yuina had milk tea colored skin and dyed auburn hair that she wore in a light bun, probably to leave her neck uncovered in the summer heat. She smiled warmly at the customer in front of me as she handed them their change. I wondered if the pink of her lips was natural, or very suiting subtle lipstick. When it came to my turn to order, my voice shook slightly, and felt my cheeks grow warm.

“Welcome to Nava Café,” she smiled. I wondered if she recognized me at this point. Of course she doesn’t, I scolded myself. She serves hundreds of people a day. She isn’t going to remember an average-looking girl like you.

“Ice latte,” I stammered. Yuina punched the order in. “Three hundred and twenty yen, please,” she flashed that perfect smile.

I put the money on the tray and watched her as she prepared my drink. The apron she wore seemed to exaggerate the curve of her back, leading down her black skirt over her long legs. As Yuina handed me my change, our fingers brushed. Our eyes met, and my heart pounded. Did she feel it, too? READ MORE

*NOTE* this story includes:

  • Lesbian
  • Cunnilingus
  • Massage
  • Scissoring

We hope you love the story! Check out more of our ebooks on Kindle.

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