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My Daughter’s Secret: A Short Erotica Story Out Now!

Quirty Publishing has released MY DAUGHTER’S SECRET, a short erotica story, on Amazon US and Amazon UK!

Alicia and Lucy are certain that no one knows their feelings for each other. When Alicia is staying over at Lucy’s house for a sleepover, she sees that Lucy’s father has left his bedroom door open. When he catches her spying on him, he tells her he knows what the girls do behind closed doors, and dishes out only the roughest punishment. Will Alicia give Lucy’s father what he wants to protect their dirty little secret?

Read the first paragraph for free below!

My Daughter's Secret

“Make sure you’re asleep by twelve o’clock,” Julie pointed her finger at her daughter, Lucy, and Lucy’s best friend, Alicia. “I don’t want you staying up all night.”

“Sure thing, Mom,” Lucy replied, then rolled her eyes when her mother wasn’t looking.

“Good girls. I’ll be back later tonight,” Julie gave her daughter a quick hug and smiled at them both. “We have a late business meeting. There’s some snacks in the fridge if you get hungry, or you can get your dad to order a pizza. Have a great sleepover.”

Lucy and Alicia waved until the front door had closed and Julie’s clopping heels had faded away. Alicia grinned. “How long do you think she’ll be gone?” she asked taking Lucy’s hands in hers.

“All night, probably. Those ‘business meetings’ of hers tend to do that,” Lucy cocked her head to one side. “In bed by midnight! Can you believe it? We’re eighteen, not seven.”

“If she’s out all night, who cares? Your dad isn’t nearly as strict. Come on,” Alicia giggled. “Race you upstairs!”

The girls crashed up the stairs into Lucy’s bedroom and collapsed on the bed, giggling and shushing each other. “Won’t your dad get mad?”

“He’s gaming in his room with those big headphones in. He probably can’t hear anything.” Lucy stood and closed the door, turning back to look at her best friend. “So,” she whispered, and approached Alicia. “It’s safe, don’t worry.” READ MORE

*NOTE* this story includes:

  • Rough
  • Blackmail
  • Lesbian (kissing, light touching)
  • Fellatio
  • Doggy style
  • Missionary

We hope you love the story!

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