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A Night in the Stocks: A Short Erotica Story Out Now!

New from Quirty Publishing is the fantasy erotica A Night in the Stocks, now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK!

Liarna has been locked in the stockades. Helpless and unable to move, she must wait until the guards come to release her. But she isn’t alone in the dark dungeon… what monsters have their eyes on the young woman while she is vulnerable and locked up in such an irresistable position?

Free sample below!


Liarna was in the stockades again.

Her hands and head were shackled to the heavy wood, causing her to involuntarily and uncomfortably bend over. She sighed, shifting to adjust, but nothing was comfortable. Her behind stuck out behind her in this humiliating position was enough to make her tremble with rage. How was it her fault that the guardsman had slapped her behind? Why was she the one to get arrested for retaliating?

Because I’m poor, she thought glumly. At least the mug had made a satisfying crash when it had slammed against the guardsman’s head.

She blew some hair from her face and glared at the dark wall in front of her. A full day and night, the lord had ordered. She shook her wrists, but it was no use. The smug bastard had tied her tightly into the stockades and gave a mocking wave as he’d strolled off, probably to molest some other poor unsuspecting wench. Liarna spat on the ground. Guards are supposed to protect people. If she wasn’t tied here she’d go and finish the job.
She sighed, glaring at the building around her. It was dark, and two empty stockades stood at either side of her. She was alone here as punishment for an entire day. It was going to be long. And boring.

She’d been here for hours already, and had heard the morning bell ring, along with her rumbling stomach. As the thought of food crossed her mind, she suddenly felt thin fingers tracing up her thigh. READ MORE

*NOTE: this story includes:

  • Blowjob
  • Monsters
  • Penetration
  • Doggy style
  • Male virgin

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