7 Reasons Why Younger Women Like Older Men

And no, it’s not because of their money.

Why do young women like older men? Why are celebrities who are developed in years, such as George Clooney, Liam Neeson, and Harrison Ford still drooled over by people of all ages? We at Quirty Publishing have compiled a list of why young women, sometimes as young as their early twenties, find themselves crushing on men twice their age or more.

1. They dress well


Forget scruffy attire and sloppy appearance. Older men know how to style their hair in a sophisticated way, what colors go well together, and many would rather wear a tuxedo than dirty jeans. There is something extremely charming about an older man in a suit jacket and polished shoes.

2 Crow’s feet and salt and pepper hair is sexy


Is it because they look refined, like a fine wine, or does the older look give them an aura of wisdom? We don’t know the reasoning behind it, but a lot of women adore light crinkles when he smiles, or hair streaked with grey. Don’t hide the silver, men – embrace it! We love it.

3. Impressing their friends isn’t important

One thing about young people, men AND women, is that our friends’ opinions seem to matter. A lot. This is true for the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, the movies you watch, and the partner you date.

Confidence is sexy, and confidence is not being overly concerned with what your best friend from high school thinks. As you get older, you still have friends, but it becomes less about what they think and more about what you want. Older men have two important people in their lives once you start dating: you, and themselves.

4. They’re more likely to be ready to settle down


Young men focus on their friends, immediate family, and careers, and that is completely understandable, of course. When you’re young, it’s important to find your foothold in life as well as focusing on having fun. Many men in the 21st century don’t feel ready to settle down before their late twenties or even older.

However, older guys have already had all that experience. They’ve tried a career or three, had some valuable life experience and come to realise what they want in life. If you date an older man, he is much more likely to settle down and want to get married.

5. You can have interesting conversations


Talking about video games, cartoons, and beer is fine, but the older you get, the more sophisticated and philosophical your conversations are more likely to become. Of course, ths doesn’t apply to everybody – every person is different. But you’re much more likely to get a stimulating, interesting conversation from an older man with some life experience under his belt.

6. It is charming to see most are still young at heart

Being older, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that he is completely mature. Have you ever seen a forty-five year old man fall apart because he lost at a video game, or run around the house naked after a shower? It’s somehow even more endearing seeing an older man act like a child. No matter how sophisticated, all men are adorable.

7. He knows how to please you


Both inside and outside the bedroom, older men have more experience in pleasing a woman and are more likely to know what you need. They know what’s important, and what is worth getting upset or annoyed about. Having a small argument with a twenty-year-old is more likely to blow up than having a small argument with a fifty-year-old. As for the bedroom… well, as Stevie from Miranda said: “An older man knows foreplay.”

We all have our own types and prefereces, but you’re not going far wrong if you’re a young woman and you choose an older guy. We at Quirty LOVE older men!

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