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17 Sexy Roleplays to Add an Exciting Spice to Your Love Life

Adding a roleplay in the bedroom is exciting, and allows for you as a couple to explore fantasy scenarios that would otherwise probably never happen. Here are 17 of our steamiest, sexiest roleplays for you to try out with your partner.

1. Doctor/Nurse and Patient

There’s something thrilling about being a helpless patient in need of care from a sophisticated doctor or nurse. Are you in hospital with an injury and the nurse is the only one who can “cure” you with “special” treatment? Or is the doctor supposed to give you a “physical exam”? It’s your choice!

2. Royalty and Commoner

A classic forbidden kind of love, why not act as the princess and the stable boy, the queen and a knight, or the king and a serving girl? There’s really an infinite amount of possibilities with this one.

3. Home Invasion

If you’re looking for something a little kinky, try the naughty and exciting home invasion. One of you is sleeping in bed when suddenly, there’s a break-in! If you’re feeling adventurous, why not invite one or two more people and turn it into a group game? Just make sure you have a safe word!

4. Teacher and Student

Why is forbidden fruit always the sweetest? Try the teacher and student (18+) roleplay. Maybe the student was messing around in class and needs to be punished. Perhaps they got a bad grade and need to be spanked. Or perhaps the student is smart, but the teacher blackmails him or he’ll fail his class. Again, the possibilities are endless!

5. Boss and Employee

With the position of power, the boss and employee roleplay is another sexy one. Have an “important meeting” and fuck her brains out. Do it on the desk where people will work the next day. Stay late after work and suck cock for a raise.

6. Job Interview

Just what will he or she do to get the job? Let your imagination run wild. Suck? Ride? Record the whole thing?

7. Spouse is Out of Town

If this is your kind of thing, simply make-believe that the real “you” is out of town and you’re the naughty bit on the side. It’s oddly thrilling.

8. Delivery Person and Person Who’s Home Alone

You can have a lot of fun with this. Is the postwoman here to deliver mail but sees more than she bargained for? Does a guy come to deliver a pizza and ends up fucking his customer?

9. The Human and the Risen Monster

Monster porn and roleplay is getting more and more popular these days and let’s face it – there’s plenty you can do with make-believe creatures. Perhaps an archaeologist stumbles across a reincarnated beast, or a girl accidentally wanders into the cave of a Minotaur?

10. Best Friend’s Daughter

What could be worse than falling for your best friend’s daughter? Nothing could be more forbidden than that, which is why this roleplay is so deliciously sexy.

11. Daughter’s Best Friend

Maybe your “daughters” are over for a sleepover and you get a glance of your daughter’s bestie in her underwear? This roleplay with a younger girl can really spice things up.

12. Prison

Prison, cops, prisoners, and security officers. All of whom desperately want to fuck. A female police officer and an inmate. Two inmates who need each other’s company. A male policeman and a lonely prisoner.

13. Taxi Driver and Passenger

Depending on how naughty you’re feeling, you can have the taxi driver deliberately overcharge the passenger unless he or she gives them oral pleasure, or they could even drive them into a lonely field so they can fuck. Perhaps the passenger has to make up for being short on change. It’s up to you!

14. Air Host(ess)/Pilot/Passenger

Several hours is a long time to be on a plane, and people have needs. Maybe the pilot wants the air host(ess) to do some sucking in the cockpit. Maybe a passenger urgently needs special attention. You could even have two air hosts doing it in front of the whole plane. The choice is yours.

15. Characters From a Movie, TV Show, or Book

Ever seen a movie or TV show and thought a particular character was sexy? Why not pretend to be in that world just for a little while and act out a scenario with your lover?

16. Stepparent and Stepchild

This one is so deliciously naughty. Did you catch your new “mommy” in the shower? Sneak up on your stepdaddy while he’s sleeping? Try it and see if it’s something you like… but maybe not if you have stepparents of your own.

17. Hotel Worker

An exhausted businessman is disturbed by a very apologetic housekeeping maid. The hotel receptionist offers their customer a “bonus” for choosing their hotel. What kind of naughty antics will you get up to with the hotel staff? Feel free to explore!

With these 17 sexy roleplays, you have opened up a new world of stories for you and your partner to explore together! How many of these have you tried? Tell us about it in the comments!

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