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Milking the Minotaur: A Short Erotica Story Out Now!

Quirty Publishing has released MILKING THE MINOTAUR, a short erotica story!

The Ecchi tribe have traveled north for their yearly offering of a virgin maiden to appease the Bull God. He offers bountiful harvests to those who worship him. This year, it’s Helena’s turn. What awaits her in the Minotaur’s lair?

Read the first paragraph for free below!


It was the time of year when the last of the snow melts and the first signs of spring bloom yet the evenings remain chilly. The Ecchi tribe was almost ready for the great milk festival, a celebration of both fertility and harvest as winter fades and spring brings blossom and prosperity.

Several disciples of the Ecchi tribe were here for the festival’s preparations. It was holy land, where the great Bull God dwelled. A small group from the Ecchi tribe sat around the fire as the sun went down. The group consisted of one of the tribe priests, who was a worshipper of their Bull God and well learned on the teachings of Him. Two male warriors sat either side of him, their well-toned, tattooed muscles shimmering in the firelight. Fourth was Borane, and next to him, his young daughter, Helena.

“‘Tis almost midnight, young one. Are you ready?” asked the priest, giving a kind smile over the firelight to where Helena sat. Helena glanced at her father, who smiled proudly back.

“It’s an honor to be a part of this ritual,” Borane reminded his daughter. “Now that you are of age, it is your year to appease the Bull God. Make your family proud.” READ MORE

*NOTE* this story includes:

  • Virgin
  • Blowjob
  • Spitroast
  • Threesome
  • Monster
  • Cunnilingus

We hope you love the story!

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