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Is “Tampa” Really as Bad as they Say?

Tampa by Alissa Nutting got a lot of criticism for its content: a (female) pedophile, pursuing a career in teaching just so she could sleep with her students. An illegal act, for sure. Is it too sensitive a subject to be published? Should it have been left alone?

We say no, and here’s why.

Tampa, which was named “the most controversial book of the summer” by the Guardian, is a very amusing read, and as well as raunchy erotic content, it contains some laugh-out-loud moments and genuinely great writing.

Most importantly, the main character, Celeste Price, is a complete sociopath.

Tampa does not portray Celeste’s unhealthy thirst for teenage boys as normal. On the contrary, Celeste knows what she’s doing is completely wrong. Her character is a total bitch; she is selfish, has no empathy for what she is planning, and no concern for the consequences of her actions outside going to prison.

Tampa is a tale of a criminal, and Nutting is a hero for addressing a very real problem we have in our perverse society. She does not condone nor encourage pedophilia, any more so than a crime novel condones or encourages murder.

This controversy, however, is excellent press for the book itself. All we can say is bravo, Alissa!

You can buy Tampa from Amazon US by clicking here.

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